Sun - Sat: by appointment

Amy Lynn Walls is an Advanced Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner (AAMP) and founded Dosha Know in 2008.

Amy Lynn studied for hundreds of hours and several years in the classroom of the American University of Complementary Medicine in Beverly Hills, California to complete their Ayurvedic Medicine program. This program was geared to train their students in pulse diagnosis, pancha karma, Ayur-yoga, Ayurvedic bodywork, nutrition, herbs, meditation, vastu, pranayama, and Ayurvedic lifestyle. Part of this program included a clinic, in which she treated clients hands-on before setting off to start Dosha Know. 

Renowed practitioner, John Holmstrom, was Amy Lynn’s mentor. He started a school in West Los Angeles, in which she worked in his clinic often. After hundreds more hours of hands-on experience, Amy Lynn received her certificate as an Advanced Ayurvedic Medicine Practioner (AAMP). 

Her practice began in Los Angeles, though has since located to Cincinnati, Ohio. Dosha Know has taken many forms over the years: nutritional counseling/private chefwork, meditation/yoga/breathwork guide, and bodyworker. Today, Amy Lynn focuses mostly on session work as a means of working intently on a single body at a time, as opposed to spreading herself thin by offering traveling/remote services. 

Additionally, Amy Lynn has worked as a private Ayurvedic chef in both Los Angeles and Cincinnati for families, individuals, and catered events. She worked professionally in several kitchens to gain the necessary experience to combine her love and knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition with her passion for delicious and creative meals. 

Occasionally, she conducts classes in the Cincinnati area to inform curious minds on the inner workings of Ayurveda. 

Currently, Amy Lynn is happy to treat as many individuals as possible, but ideally, Dosha Know will take on a form in which it can help many more people, whether in-person, or remotely. Keep an eye out for growth in the “service” menu, as she hopes to provide access to all of the beautiful modalities Ayurveda has to offer. She encourages you to check out her blog, featured on this site, once it is up-and-running. It will include musings about how Ayurveda is usable in the West, and eventually post videos. One of her favorite parts about learning Ayurvedic medicine is reading the texts that have been translated from Sanskrit to English, and she intends to post some of these excerpts as well. Not for educational purposes. But because she finds them hilarious.